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If you’re used to Snip & Sketch for adding some scribbles placed over desktop screenshots, you might have encountered this issue after pressing the notification error message “Failed to open the file”.

Although annoying, the solution for this issue is pretty straightforward: open your Services management console (Win+R > services.msc or Win+X > Task Manager > Services tab > Open Services link in the bottom), scroll down until you find the Data Sharing Service.

Double click the service; if its current status is Running, press the Stop button below followed by Start. After that check that the Startup type: dropdown selection is set to Automatic. Check if your service is as follows:

This should sort out your issue and your screenshots should now open correctly.

Update: one additional step you might want to try, in case the service keeps crashing, is to delete the contents of the following folder (note: you will need elevated permissions to access the folder. In case you can’t open it, browse to its lowest level and user File Explorer to force open each subfolder manually):