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You might have already heard about Chocolatey, a package manager similar to apt-get in linux systems. Here’s a short introduction from its creators:

If you’re wondering if a given application is already packaged for deployment via Chocholatey just check the Package list page here or just Google it like in this example , it should be listed at the top: “chocolatey powertoys”

So, what can you do with it? Here’s a quick summary using Microsoft’s new Powertoys package as an example (where applicable):

Installing a package:

choco install powertoys

Installing many packages at a time:

choco install powertoys adobereader microsoft-edge

Upgrading a package:

choco upgrade powertoys

Listing outdated packages:

choco outdated

Listing installed packages:

choco list -l


choco list -localonly

or even

clist -lo

Upgrading all installed packages:

choco upgrade all

Do you have any more quick tips for using Chocolatey? Leave them in the comments below!