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The Wacom Graphire 3 was an entry level graphical tablet, slightly better than the Bamboo. I have had this one for I don’t know how long, and it has served my needs just right.

After I started using macOS a few years ago, I also used the Wacom with it, and it was mostly a no-issues kind of device. It worked just fine and its size made it just right for carrying around if needed. The mouse though… It worked fine, but I’ve never used it – the A6 size is ok for working with the pen but smallish for a mouse.

In any case, the latest iteration of macOS (Sierra or 10.12) brought incompatibility with this device and others I have on my desk. This is something that Windows still does a lot better than macOS: support for an oldish device can end just like that (even if it works just fine for the current tech age). As I can’t change from macOS to Windows for my day-to-day workflow (in too deep), I ended up doing what Apple wants you to do: buy a newer device. So I did that, and reluctantly sold the Graphire 3.

There are some very tricky instructions on the web to make it work on a Mac, but it was just too cumbersome.

For anyone interested in which are the latest drivers for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), here’s where to get them.

Download Drivers from WACOM EU site:

Details from WACOM:


This driver was built for Bamboo Pen & Touch, Bamboo, Graphire4, Graphire3, Graphire Bluetooth, Wireless Pen Tablet, Volito, PenPartner, Cintiq 17SX/PL/DTU-710, PL-720 and DTF-510/521.
Multilingual cons525-5a_int.exe Download
(30.87 MB ·  22/09/2011 08:23:21)
Improvements/bug fixes:

  • Calibration on certain display tablets was improved.
  • Tap to right-click has been improved.
  • A problem with pen settings not being preserved during was resolved.
  • An issue with the cursor stucking after over-install was resolved.

Notes: Windows 2000 is not supported with this driver.

On systems with Windows 7 or Vista, the installation of this driver will activate the pen input functions available within Vista and Office 2007.

The Vista Flicks and Press-and-hold-to-right-click features are disabled in most graphics applications (all that use the Wintab API).


Wacom has put up a page for users looking for drivers for CTE tablets (Graphire 3 and Graphire 4), you might want to check that one out as well – The version they mention is a bit more recent than the one they mention, but I did test the one listed above and a few more recent (which did not work properly):