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Installing Symfony 3 on Synology has some tricky bits to make it run. This post essentially addresses the fatal errors when trying to write cache or logs, which is a common issue that has some documented solutions at Symfony’s site – and issue being that ACL permissions cannot be changed as those instructions suggest.

Synology’s DSM has a builtin tool for this: synoacltool (use synoacltool -h for help).


Terminal / SSH:

To make this run on your development server follow these steps for each affected directory (e.g. logs):

  1. Remove the directory:

    sudo rm -r logs/

  2. Recreate it:

    sudo mkdir logs

  3. Change owner to http:

    sudo synoacltool -set-owner logs/ user http

  4. Enforce inheritance:

    sudo synoacltool -enforce-inherit logs/

In my case I had to do this for the logscache and sessions folders on my app’s folders.



GUI  (should work):

  • Using DSM’s File Manager to assign the user http to these files!


This should do it!