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How to change the Archive Folder in Mac OS X Mail app (Mavericks / 10.9.x)

I use Mac OS X Maverick’s Mail app for all my accounts, including my Hotmail ( account, and use Archive feature both in the web interface and inside the Mail app. The issue was that I use with a locale different from English, Mac Mail app created an “Archive” folder which ended up having two folders for the same thing.

So, how do you fix this, how do you change the default Archive folder?

It’s relatively simple:

Accounts.plist Screenshot

Accounts.plist Screenshot

  1. If open, close the Mac Mail app
  2. Open a Finder Window (or just click your Mac OS X Desktop)
  3. On the Mac bar menu, click Go > Go to Folder
  4. Type “~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/”
  5. From the Finder window select the “Accounts.plist” file, right-click it, select “Open with…” > “Other” and choose “Text Editor” from the application list. Previously duplicate the original file if you aren’t too comfortable with this type of file editing.
  6. Under <keys>MailAccounts</key> Find the correct <string>MyAccountName</string> for the account you’re hoping to fix, either Gmail or Outlook/Hotmail/Lice accounts:
    • <key>ArchiveMailboxName</key>
  7. Replace “Archive” between the <string></string> keys to whatever you need, i.e. the correct folder name
  8. Additional note: using gmail you’ll probably want something like [Google Mail]/All Mail or [Gmail]/All Mail, check the folder structure on other keys present in the Accounts.plist file first.